Chapter 9
The Struggles Continue—1971–1972
The Movement continues to oppose war research, resists the firing of Professor Bruce Franklin, protests visits by Nixon Administration officials, and takes part in nationwide protests against Nixon’s escalation of the Vietnam War.
Stanford Workshops on Political and Social Issues (SWOPSI)
In 1969, three students formed the Stanford Workshops on Political and Social Issues.
Reverberations from the Mansfield Amendment
This was first enacted as Section 203 of the Defense Authorization Act of 1970. An editorial in Analytical Chemistry warned at the time, “In university circles, the Mansfield Amendment is bound to play into the hands of campus radicals who will not acknowledge the possibility that basic research relevant to a military invasion can also be beneficial to the peaceful pursuits of society.”
Vietnam's Electronic Battlefield
Lenny Siegel’s 8-page article in Pacific Research & World Empire Telegram.
From Our Past
“A brief documentary of selected movement activities at Stanford from 1966 to 1971,” published by the Pacific Studies Center.
Association of Young Crows
Cover sheet which accompanied From Our Past with description of the organization.
Dean Pettit Names President of Georgia Tech
Joseph Mayo Pettit, Dean of the School of Engineering for the last 12 years, has been named president of Georgia Institute of Technology. During the spring of 1969, after the sit-in at the Applied Electronics Laboratory, Pettit announced his decision to phase out all classified work in the engineering school, regardless of the stand taken by other departments in the University.
Edit Page Monopoly
A Stanford Daily reader complains that Lenny, Gerry, Joel and Jim are not only able to monopolize the paper’s editorial page, but also that he has to read about their antics in the news stories, and that it is becoming tiresome.
In Lieu of Personal Attacks
Lenny’s brief response to a Stanford Daily reader's complaint about the coeverage that Lenny et al. receive in the Daily..
Red Hot Professor Contest
Fund raising event sponsored by the Young Crows. File includes a ballot to vote in the Red Hot Professor Contest; background information on contracts to help select the Red Hot Professor; and an invitation to the presentation of awards.
Prison Experiment
Take normal, healthy, college age students; divide them into guards and prisoners arbitrarily, establish an experimental 'prison,' and the results are devastating.
SWOPSI Course Reveals 119 Defense Contracts
1971 SWOPSI report reviews Defense Department-sponsored research at Stanford.
Young Crows Present ‘Red Hot Professor’ Awards
The Association of Young Crows presented awards to the six winners of its "Red Hot Professor Contest" yesterday and held discussions with top vote-getters in the satirical popularity poll on defense research contracts.
Protestors Invade Biz School
Over 200 protesters marched into the Graduate School of Business (GSB) yesterday to confront Department of Defense (DoD) recruiters interviewing students there. The Daily reporter called Lenny Siegel’s speech, in which he introduced a gook detector, the most entertaining speech of the afternoon. See the photo.
ASSU Letter to Ralph Keller, Director of Student Placement Services
Letter from the ASSU Council of Presidents to the Director of Student Placement Service, asking his cooperation with the referendum passed by the student body.
Restricting Campus Recruitment
Restricting campus recruitment is not only offensive, but also impractical and unworkable in a university, 271 Stanford faculty members declared in a Stanford Daily advertisement.
Career Placement Interviews
List of companies scheduled to conduct interviews November 1–5, 1971, and their relationships to the military.
Caution: Honeywell May Be Hazardous to Your Health
Flyer about Honeywell Corporation and its products.
Cost of Barring Recruiting
Barring military recruiting from formal placement facilities on campus could cost Stanford $16.4 million in NASA and Defense Department sponsored research contracts under existing law, President Richard Lyman said Tuesday night, Feb. 15.
Coalition Pickets Placement Office
Students, faculty and members of the Stanford Community Women for Peace picketed the Placement Center yesterday in response to recruiting activities by defense-oriented industries and armed forces.
Report on Recruitment Policies
Report with recommendations of the Committee on Services to Students concerning recruitment policies at the Career Planning and Placement Center.
President Lyman’s Response to Report
Lyman’s response concerning report on recruitment policies at the Career Planning and Placement Center.
FBI Surveillance and Harassment of Prof. H. Bruce Franklin
This rather thorough Press Statement memo is based upon 194 pages of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Nearly all of the documents as well as summaries are available in the A3M Historical Archive.
Charles M. Stein, Extraordinary Statistician and Anti-War Activist, Dies at 96
Stein was renowned for his passionate social activism. He was opposed to war and refused to take military funding for his research. On October 11, 1985, he was the first Stanford faculty arrested in apartheid protests, as reported by The Stanford Daily.
Statement of Charges Against H. Bruce Franklin
Statement by Richard Lyman, President of Stanford University, charging that H. Bruce Franklin engaged in activities which have constituted a substantial and manifest neglect of duty and substantial impairment of his performance of his appropriate functions within the University community…
Franklin’s 33-Day Hearing Concludes
The six-week dismissal hearing of Professor H. Bruce Franklin ended Friday with Franklin proclaiming, Long live the victory of the people's war!
Editorial: Reinstate Franklin
The charges against Bruce Franklin should be dropped, and he should be allowed to return to his formal teaching activities. After six weeks of hearings, it is clear that Franklin did not commit the acts with which he is charged.
FBI Memo on Howard Bruce Franklin
FBI plan to investigate James R. Newcomer, Katherine Barclay, and Lenny Siegel because they testified on Franklin's behalf.
Summary of Advisory Board Report
The Advisory Board consisting of members of the faculty heard evidence in the case of Bruce Franklin and advised that he be dismissed from the faculty. This is the summary of their report. Two members opposed dismissal: one wrote an argument against dismissal which is not included.
Letter from the Board of Trustees to the Stanford Faculty
This letter is written to you on behalf of the Board of Trustees to express our deep concern that the decision on Saturday not be construed as any lessening of the Board’s continuing commitment to academic freedom at Stanford.
Lyman Accepts Decision, Asks Franklin Dismissal
President Richard Lyman yesterday accepted the Advisory Board's majority recommendation, which upheld his dismissal charges against revolutionary English Professor H. Bruce Franklin.
Board Calls for Franklin Dismissal
Stanford students and faculty reacted with surprise, disbelief, and in some cases anger yesterday upon learning the Advisory Board recommendation that Associate English Professor H. Bruce Franklin be dismissed from the Stanford faculty.
Heavy Votes Favors Franklin’s Retention
One of the largest groups in ASSU history turned out Wednesday and yesterday for the referendum on Bruce Franklin, and 55 per cent of the voters indicated they want the suspended Maoist professor back.
Ellsberg Labels Franklin Decision ‘Fatuous’
Daniel Ellsberg, indicted on charges of conspiring to leak the Pentagon Papers to the press, told a Stanford audience Friday night that as far as he knew, radical Prof. H. Bruce Franklin should not be fired.
Board Calls for Franklin Dismissal
Stanford students and faculty reacted with surprise, disbelief, and in some cases anger yesterday upon learning the Advisory Board recommendation that Associate English Professor H. Bruce Franklin be dismissed from the Stanford faculty.
Demonstrators Protest Franklin Dismissal
More than 300 demonstrators occupied first the Old Union, and later the Faculty Club yesterday afternoon, protesting the dismissal of Prof. H. Bruce Franklin and discussing ways of changing the University.
Franklin Firing: Courts
The legal battles concerning the firing of Bruce Franklin.
Protesters Disrupt Shockley’s Class, Are Arrested
Santa Clara County Sheriff's officers arrested six persons yesterday following the disruption of a class taught by Professor of Engineering William Shockley.
350 Turn Out at Rally, Asking Shockley Ouster
A rally calling for the ouster of Nobel Prize-winning physicist and engineering professor William Shockley drew about 350 people to White Plaza yesterday noon, including the subject of the rally himself.
David Packard: Mad Bomber of the Year
Lenny Siegel’s report of Packard receiving two awards, the “Distinguished Citizen of the Year” and “Mad Bomber of the Year.”
Suggestions for a Peaceful Demonstration
Flyer by Palo Alto police chief Jim Zurcher, in which he calls himself Super-Pig.
Guess Who’s Coming to Palo Alto on April 8
Announcement by the Committee for Just Rewards that Spiro Agnew will be speaking in Palo Alto on April 8, and its plans to give him the “Mouthpiece of the Empire Award.”
Agnew Addresses Luncheon, CRA Conference Endorses Nixon
Agnew's noon appearance came as a surprise to nearly everyone.… Although Agnew's aides vigorously denied it, the Vice-President was evidently switched to the luncheon and former Deputy Defense Secretary David Packard to the dinner session because of anti-Agnew demonstrations planned for the evening.
Nearly 1800 Demonstrate at Republican Dinner
About 1800 demonstrators gathered in front of the Cabaña Hyatt House Saturday night to protest the Nixon Administration's foreign and domestic policies.
Beware of Greeks Dropping Gifts
Guerrilla theater script for Agnew protest in front of Cabaña Hyatt House.
How to Make a Torch
Unsigned, undated instructions for constructing a torch.
Police, Crowd Clash in Anti-War March
A torch-bearing crowd of 700 marching south on Palm Drive was forced around the campus by 60 police tactical officers last night. The 60 officers were part of a 128-man force on campus. The destination of the march, which began in Lytton Plaza on University Ave., was the Hansen Microwave Laboratory, but few of the demonstrators made their way that far into the campus.
Reflection on the April 21 Strike
Lenny Siegel's report on the April 21 campus strike, demonstrations, and organizing protesting the escalation of the Vietnam War.
Police Clear El Camino, Arrest 205
Some 205 persons were arrested en masse Friday afternoon when police without warning charged a group of 650 anti-war protesters blocking traffic at the corner of El Camino Real and Embarcadero Road. At least 116 of the arrested were Stanford students, and 46 were juveniles.
Student Strikes, Disruptions, Arrests
Scattered acts of violence—from police and demonstrators alike—took place across campus Friday morning as 350 protesters tried to close the University as part of a nationwide student strike against the war in Indochina. Many classes had low attendance or were not held at all…
South Viets Forced Back; Moratorium Plans Set
Battered and weakened South Vietnamese soldiers, aided by U.S. support, are attempting to establish strongholds and fight for their lives, while, in this country, plans are being made for a national moratorium to protest U.S. involvement in Vietnam and to demand that President Nixon pull out all troops.
Vietnam’s Electronic Battlefield
Lenny Siegel’s 8-page article in Pacific Research & World Empire Telegram. Ford Motor company produced the unsuccessful Edsel model while McNamara was company president.
450 Walk to Lyman Home
Protesters, numbering up to 450, marched to the campus home of President Richard W. Lyman last night. Most dispersed after unsuccessfully demanding that Lyman come out to speak to them about the drastic escalation of the Vietnam War.
Nixon’s Escalation Provokes Outrage, Fear
President Nixon's decision to mine the harbors of North Vietnam was greeted last night with almost unanimous fear, outrage and unhappiness by campus political scientists, historians and one politician.
Peaceful Demonstrations, Picketing
Anti-war protest activities in the area on Friday were peaceful, taking the form of picketing, marching and discussion.
Oakland War Protest Today
Bay Area anti-war activists plan a blockade of the Oakland Army Terminal in the East Bay this morning.