Telling Our Stories
Lenny Siegel wrote this book to pass down the lessons of the Stanford Movement, 1965-75.
Stanford Commencement, 1975
Richard W. Lyman, “Don’t do your own thing; do your own thinking,” farewell address to the Class of 1975 at Commencement, June 15, published in The Stanford Observer, June, 1975, p. 3; available online in the archive for The Stanford Observer, October 1970–June 1976, p. 349.
Movement Oral History Project: Antiwar and Other Activism in the Stanford Community, 1963-1973
In 2018 I helped set up an oral history project, working with my activist cohort, the Stanford Historical Society, and the Stanford Library Archives.
The Stanford Daily
The Stanford student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, has an online searchable archive that has been valuable, particularly in checking dates.
April Third Movement Historical Archive
I am referencing many documents, with web links, to make it easier for readers to access the originals. Many other documents are located within this online library.
Women's Movement
To some degree, the Women’s Movement emerged in reaction to male chauvinism in the broader movement. For example, see pages 22–23 of the interview with Elizabeth Braunstein, found in The Movement Oral History Project.