Chapter 3
Feeling the Draft—Hell No!
The author organizes at Selective Service and faces it personally.
Stanford Anti-Draft Union Letter to President Sterling
Letter to President Sterling from the Stanford Anti-Draft Union, signed by Richard Bogart and Gary Coutin, urging Stanford to stop cooperating with the Selective Service System.
We Won’t Go
The Stanford Anti-Draft Union circulated a petition stating that signers will not go to Vietnam or also will not be conscripted into the military, and then published the statement with signatures in The Stanford Daily on April 25, 1967.
A reprint of an official Selective Service memorandum, dated July 1, 1965, provided courtesy of the Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
Stop the Draft Week
Strategy and tactics to stop the draft.
Urgent Message to Not Go To Oakland
Flyer handed out October 17 (or possibly October 20), 1967, from B. Davie Napier, Mark Mancall, and Charles Drekmeier, urging people to avoid going to Oakland as they felt the demonstration would almost certainly involve violence.
Resistance: Draft Cards Turned In
Nineteen members of the Stanford community were among 236 young men who yesterday placed draft documents in a basket and tried to present them to U.S. District Attorney Cecil Poole on the front steps of the Federal Building in San Francisco.
Students and Professors Arrested at Oakland Sit-In
At least nineteen Stanford professors and students were arrested yesterday morning by Oakland police when they sat in at the Oakland Induction Center.
You are Lucky, Today is a Draft Holiday
October 17, 1967 Stanford Anti-Draft Union flyer on shutting down the Oakland Induction Center for a day.
Draft Counseling
This guide summarizes most of the things a draft counselor should know.
Anti-Draft Letter to Draftees
November 19, 1968 letter from Lenny Siegel, addressed to Brothers, handed out to draftees.
Another Anti-Draft Letter to Draftees
October 1, 1970 letter from Lenny Siegel, addressed to Brothers, passed out when Lenny had another pre-induction physical exam.