Historical Archive
Historical Archive
May 17, 1965
Stanford Vietnam Day Program
The first page is the program for the Vietnam Day teach-in, May 17, 1965. The second page is a statement asking participants to join in a door-to-door outreach to Palo Alto neighborhoods.
July 28, 1965 — February 28, 1966
Vietnam Newsletter
Five issues in this file: Numbs 8, 9, 10, 13, and 14. The September issue is eight pages; the others are four. The Newsletter was edited by David Ransom with Faculty Advisors Karl deLeeuw, Charles Stein, and Charles Drekmeier.
August, 1965
Events—Stanford Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Flier describing upcoming anti-war events
Graduate Coordinating Committee Newsletter
Volume II Number 1. 4 pages
Late January, 1966
The Resumption of Bombing of North Vietnam
Flier analyzing President Johnson’s decision to resume the bombing of North Vietnam, prepared by Palo Alto Concerned Citizens.
February 3, 1966
Know Your Trustees
A five-page document written by "The Research Staff of the Graduate Coordinating Committee." Brief information is provided on members of the Stanford Board of Trustees showing connections between the University and large corporations.
March–April, 1966
Pictorial Report
A four-page pictorial from The Stanford Review, March-April 1966, titled, “A Pictorial Report: Campus Reaction to End of Vietnam Bomb Pause.”
May 20–21, 1966
The New Student: Pot and/or Politcs
Program sponsored by the Stanford Committee for a Free University, featuring Paul Goodman speaking on "Radical Education in a Time of Crisis" in Dinkelspiel on May 20, 1966; and an all-day symposium at Tresidder with four sessions and 15 speakers on May 21. Meanwhile, the President's Office Sit-In was taking place, May 19-21.
c. May 23, 1966
Why We Sat-In
A four-page document prepared for a meeting at White Plaza on May 23. No author is identified. The document discusses the rationale behind the sit-in at President Sterling's office. (Note: the goofiness on page 3 is in the original: it was not caused by the scanning process.)
Napalm Newsletter
A two-page document describing napalm and its use. It was written by The Bay Area Peace Coordinating Committee, 424 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto. It was printed on two sides of one page.
Napalm Letter
This is identified as a letter from an "expert source" addressed to a "leader of the Stanford Committee for Peace in Vietnam." The letter provides stock numbers and major suppliers for napalm.
Two sheets, each printed on both side. One sheet appears to be the platform of Harris-Collins campaigning for ASSU President and Vice-President. The other sheet is an analysis of the Klein-Jacobi platform written by the Harris-Collins Platform Committee. The documents are not dated. The fourth page is missing in this scan.
Sit-In Documentary
A 17-page report on the sit-in of May, 1966. The document is printed on both sides of each sheet. The document includes copies of letters to and from President Wallace Sterling. It was published by Students for a Democratic Society (Stanford Chapter) and Stanford Committee for Peace in Vietnam.