Historical Archive
Historical Archive
January 22, 1968
Untitled Sheet
Info on SRI and Stanford professors appears to be from the Jan. 22–Feb. 5, 1968 Midpeninsula Observer.
Septmber 13, 1968
The People Need Their Turf
Statement, by the Coordinating Committee, United Action on Housing, makes the case for lower cost housing—and more of it.
October 9, 1968
Charley Anderson
Memo to the staff of SRI, from Charles A. Anderson, President of SRI, announcing his rejection of the SDS demands.
Statement about SRI
Statement followed by demands on SRI, Stanford & SRI trustees, and Stanford faculty doing contract work. It is unsigned.
Oct. 17, 1968
Open Letter to the Stanford Community
Letter from Mark Sapir announcing his interest in being appointed to the Stanford Board of Trustees.
Oct. 20, 1968
Letter to the Editor of the Palo Alto Times
Letter from Mark Sapir.
National and Regional SDS
Written by Jack Gerson, this document describes the organizational structure of SDS and announces a Regional Council meeting on Oct. 26.
Announcement of Mime Troup appearance, films in Cubberly, White Plaza rally, and election night wake.
Undated demand by members of the Stanford SDS.
Election Poll
SDS flyer announcing election day activities.
January 4, 1969
A Proposal for Strategy for Stanford S.D.S.
Proposal by Fred Cohen, Leonard Siegel, and Marc Weiss.
January 6, 1969
George Allen, the Rams, and Capitalism
A paragraph asserting that George Allen is "perhaps the most competent coach in professional football" and protesting his firing by the ownership of the Los Angeles Rams.
Toward a New Society
Jim Shoch’s criticism of American society and his hopes for the future, reprinted from the April issue of the Stanford Alumni Almanac.
Hubert Humphrey was in San Francisco
This document discusses the demonstrations and "strategies used by both sides." It is not dated or signed. A handwritten note indicates it was "never sent."
Politics of the Strike at SF State
Fred Cohen and Leonard Siegel discuss the SF State strike; and announce a meeting at Stanford for SF State speakers and car pools to SF State.
c. March 1969
Calendar of Events
Lists events from Monday, March 31, through Thursday, April 17 prepared by SDS.
April 3–May 15, 1969
Up Against the Screen: The People's Theater
Trifold announcing a series of seven political films, screened in Cubberly Auditorium or Memorial Auditorium, presented by The Resistance and S.D.S. The series consists of Memorandum, The Battle of Algiers, Strike, Salt of the Earth, To Die in Madrid, The Organizer, and Viva Zapata!
June 3, 1969
The War Research Controversy
A twenty-page paper written by Douglas Hogan for History 3S, June 3, 1969. Also, a ten-page article titled, "Transcript of the meeting," from the Observer. Available as a complete download, and also in three parts to keep file sizes manageable.
June 5, 1969
Press Release from Stanford News Service
Press release stating that more than 3,300 Stanford students, faculty, and staff have signed a letter to President Richard Nixon.
Election Night Demonstration
People’s Party announcement of “the festival of Voting in the Streets” at Liberation (Lytton) Plaza.
June 13, 1969
Phone Booth Explodes
San Jose Mercury article reporting that a campus phone booth was bombed and proclaims that "Stanford Girds for Trouble."
Stop SRI Now!
Announces a meeting in the Old Union Courtyard to "discuss ways to get Stanford out of Southeast Asia."
Thumbnail Sketch of Stanford and Southeast Asia
A one page discussion of Stanford and SRI and links to Southeast Asia. It is not dated or signed.
It's Spring. But the War is not over.
The Resistance, 424 Lytton Ave., Palo Alto, asks people to join them in rallies, meetings, and marches.
Invitation from SDS
SDS invitation to the Stanford Community and Dr. Kenneth S. Pitzer to attend an Inaugural Ball in honor of the fifth presidency of Stanford, on December 2; and a Town Meeting on December 3.
Welcome Pitzer!!
A four page essay about Stanford, written on the occasion of Pitzer taking office as President of Stanford University. No indication of authorship.
Stanford, the Trustees and Southeast Asia
A ten-page document "prepared for the Stanford Community by members of the Stanford Chapter, Students for a Democratic Society." Some pages have clear, dark text; other pages have light text.
An Echo Not a Choice
A document critical of McCarthy's “Peace” Candidacy. It is unsigned and undated.
Alternative words to well known tunes.
End the War
A petition circulated by SDS.
Thailand—Where's That?
Two pages talk about Stanford and SRI involvement in areas other than Viet Nam. The tag lines are "Where's Thailand," "Where's Peru," etc.
Through the Looking Glass; A Radical Guide to Stanford
A fifty-page guide and critique of Leland’s farm, by Stanford SDS, with information a student new to Stanford and new to the area would like to have: information on Stanford, SRI, transportation, radio stations, etc. Available as one, complete download; and as downloads in five parts.
July, 1969
Plain Rapper
Two articles on Stanford as corporation. Plain Rapper was published by the Palo Alto Resistance.
July 14, 1969
The House Organ
Newsletter for Chaparral People, Vol 1, number 1, July 14, 1969. The 14th and final page has only the return address and is not included.
Sept 12, 1969
Stanford may have a "very warm fall"
Palo Alto Times article.