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July 10, 1969
What’s Stanford Radical Doing? Planning Fall Demonstrations, Of Course
San Jose Mercury article about SDS plans.
Maggies’s Farm: A Radical Guide to Stanford
A guide prepared by members and associates of the Stanford chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. 43 pages plus title pages, table of contents, etc.
September 12, 1969
Stanford Rads Open Season
Palo Alto Times article.
October 1, 1969
Stanford Magazine Turns Serious
Palo Alto Times article about the new Chaparral.
November 3, 1969
Stanford Press Release
“A majority of students … have expressed their support for an immediate cease fire and rapid withdrawal of US forces in Vietnam.”
December 2, 1969
Stanford Press Release
SDS has voted to ask that Pitzer not allow General Electric to recruit employees on campus.
December 4, 1969
Stanford Press Release
A group picketed the Stanford Placement Office, then shouted outside a speech by Israeli Ambassador Rabin.
February 17, 1970
Stanford Press Release
About 300 people, mainly Stanford Students, staged a torchlight parade down El Camino Real early Tuesday smashing about 20 large plate glass windows in protest against the Chicago trials and American capitalism.”
April 4, 1970
Stanford Press Release
May 22, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“The Pentagon has replaced Wall Street as the decision center of America,” according to Seymour Melman.
June 14, 1970
The Americanization of God
Baccalaureate Sermon by B. Davie Napier, Dean of the Chapel
August 14, 1970
“A Short Primer on Running Stanford University” and “Lyman Hits Political Campuses”
Two front-page articles in The Stanford Daily.
Jerry Rubin is Coming to Trustee Day
Unsigned, undated flyer announcing a Trustee meeting.
There’s Something Happening Here…
A “Freshman Demographic Survey and Discussion” is being administered to freshmen. Stanford SDS urges freshmen to boycott the test.
War Is Hell Is War Is Hell Is War
Undated flyer by “all the King’s men” announcing a noontime rally, stating that Jesus Christ “offers us an alternative to greed and selfishness and war.”
Reply to Pitzer
SDS Committee on War and Imperialism commentary on Pitzer’s statement about war and the upcoming October 15 moratorium.
September 7, 1970
Stanford’s ‘Community of Consent’
Article by Peter Stern in The Nation.
Caution!! US Foreign Policy May Be Hazardous to Your Health
An “Emergency Bulletin” by Fred Cohen of Pacific Studies Center, published by Pacific Studies Center.
The National Liberation Front (NFL)
Brief essay from the Stanford SDS Committee on War and Imperialism.
Vietnam is no Mistake: Imperialism, the Trustees, and R.O.T.C.
Essay by Jim Shoch, published by Pacific Studies Center.