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July 7, 1970
New Left Project
Siegel Proposal for New Left Project.
Summer or Fall, 1970
The Good Manifesto
By Lenny Siegel.
Summer or Fall, 1970
The Good Paper: Vietnam
By Lenny Siegel.
c. September 28, 1970
Fire and Sandstone, The Last Radical Guide to Stanford
48 page booklet which went on sale during fall quarter registration, 1970.
September 28, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“Smashed glass in a Business Office window is the cover shot for a newly published booklet Fire and Sandstone – The Last Radical Guide to Stanford (46 pp., paper, 25 cents) which went on sale during fall quarter registration at the University Monday.”
September 28, 1970
Stanford Press Release
During a freshman convocation, a small group of protesters greeted President Richard Lyman with chants of “Give ‘Em the Axe—Right in the Neck”.
c. October 1, 1970
Notes on the International Centre
Two leaflets about the I Centre distributed by the Third World Students Union.
October 13, 1970
Suggesting a “Road to Peace Lies in the Streets” Campaign
This unsigned essay suggests activities for campus leftists who feel incapacitated and are “looking for an issue.”
c. October 19, 1970
Radical Tour of Stanford
Flyer announcing a campus tour on October 22 [1970] at 8:00 PM.
Stop The Hoover Institution
Undated announcement seeking two researchers to collaborate on a project taking a close look at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.
Coalition Against the War in Indochina (CAWI)
A one page description of the Coalition Against the War in Indochina.
Racism at Stanford
Undated flyer about the Medical Center, Hoover Institute, and ROTC.
Nov. 5, 1970
The First (And Last) Annual Martha Mitchell Forum
Benjamin Holman, Director, Community Relations, Justice Department will speak, but will only take questions that are written and screened.
c. November 23, 1970
Ky is Coming!!
Flyer from The New Left Project announcing that South Vietnam Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky will be in San Francisco on December 1 and urging a protest, and announcing a Convocation in Memorial Church on November 30.
The New Left Project Invitation
Flyer, printed on Stanford Electronics Laboratories letterhead, inviting people to join a campaign to take Stanford and local industry out of war production.
The New Left Project
A nine-page document describing the New Left Project along with articles by some of the members.
December 17, 1970
Are radicals plotting new violence at Stanford?
Palo Alto Times article about recent events and what to expect, plus an article about Richard Lyman forgoing an inaugural ceremony.
c. January 4, 1971
The Inquisition
Flyer stating that the Stanford “War Crimes Commission” has changed its name to “The Inquisition,” and inviting people to open meeting at TMU on January 7 and January 14.
c. January 25, 1971
Whose Freedom?
Unsigned, undated, flyer about the Hoover Institute.
February 9, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) The Stanford Black Student Union led a peaceful march to the President’s office. (2) Student defendants in the Henry Cabot Lodge case pled no contest and walked out of the Stanford Judicial Council hearings.
February 13, 1971
The Liberated Daily
Alternative to the Stanford Daily. Articles include: (1) Lyman Seeks to Fire Franklin; 17 Named on Restraining Order; (2) Attack on Computer Center Stops SRI Assault Program; and (3) News from the Front.
February 16, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) March down Palm drive to El Camino Park. (2) Faculty Political Action Group will meet on Thursday. (3) Stanford Judicial Council began deliberations on a case.
February 17, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) “Legislation in Congress to stop the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in Laos was among the proposals put forward at a meeting of Concerned Asian Scholars.” (2) A “About 30 Stanford black students staged a ‘book-in’ at Meyer Undergraduate Library…”
February 18, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) William Kunstler addressed a Stanford Law Forum meeting. (2) A Black Student Union sponsored concert was interrupted by a bomb threat.
February 19, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) Twenty members of Stanford’s faculty and staff urged a White Plaza audience to fight the Indochina war with brains instead of brawn …” (2) “The Stanford Judicial Council has recommended that seven students be suspended … for disrupting a scheduled speech … by Henry Cabot Lodge.”
February 22, 1971
Medical Students: What Can You Do? — Get Involved!
A flyer “released from the Nerve Center” suggesting ways for medical students to get involved.
February 22, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“A bomb threat which turned out to be false brought Stanford firemen to the Main Library …” Revolutionary slogans were painted on nine campus buildings.
The Long Count
Undated flyer advocating alternatives to political campaigning–even though the candidates “may be sincerely interested in halting U.S. imperialism in Southeast Asia.”
March 1, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“‘Political expression by the University is improper and harmful as a matter of policy’ according to a statement signed by more than 100 members of the Academic Council at Stanford.”
March 2, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) “Student body presidents from more than a dozen major universities and colleges told top government officials … that students are ‘seething with suppressed rage’ over the war.” (2) Ten individuals committed to nonviolent civil disobedience blocked entry to the San Mateo County Draft Board Offices on March 1.
March 8, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Memorial Church officials abbreviated the concluding portion of Founders’ Day services here Sunday, March 7, after a handful of persons stood and shouted at President Richard W. Lyman of Stanford.”
March 11, 1971
The Liberated Daily
Alternative to the Stanford Daily
March 15, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“John Keilch, technical processing assistant in the Stanford Library, has been suspended from his job without pay for 45 days as a result of his participation in the Henry Cabot Lodge incident Jan. 11.”
We are Stanford Workers
Unsigned, undated flyer from “Stanford Workers” asking “all students to support our struggle.”
March 17, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Malicious mischief and damage at the Main Library was reported to Stanford police …”
March 17, 1971
Stanford Press Release
Press Release reporting Associate Provost Robert Rosensweig’s response that, “The University is, of course, deeply concerned about the reported presence in the area of large quantities of lethal weapons.”
March 29, 1971
Jane Fonda at Stanford
Flyer announcing that Jane Fonda will speak in Dinkelspiel Aud on March 29, and listing upcoming events in April and May.
March 29, 1971
People-to-People Peace Treaty
Text on the back of the announcement of Jane Fonda’s appearance.
Support the People’s Peace Treaty
Unsigned, undated flyer starting “We actively support the People’s Peace Treaty…”
Support the Black United Front
“We, the members of the Peace Treaty Collective, fully support the Black United Front and hospital employees’ demands.”
Open Letter to President Lyman
Letter asking for help in an effort to ship medical supplies to Laos and North Vietnam.
Spring, 1971
Hoover Tower: The Pride and Joy of the Empire
Booklet by Stanford Venceremos.
April 21, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Nearly 1600 women students, faculty, staff, and wives at Stanford sent a letter to President Nixon … calling for total withdrawal of American forces from Southeast Asia.”
April 23, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Shortly before 4 a.m. Friday an explosive device with a timer exploded in the attic of the President’s Office building at Stanford University causing moderate damage.”
April 30, 1971
Quarantine of the Oakland Induction Center
An unsigned call to place all induction centers under quarantine.
c. June 15, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“The governing board of the United Campus Christian Ministry at Stanford has voted ‘with extreme reluctance’ to terminate the services of the Rev. Joseph Hardegree, a self described Marxist and Christian.”
June 18, 1973
No Retreat from Commitment
Article by Stephen Weissman published in The Nation.