Historical Archive
Historical Archive
November 1967
Ideology and Radical Community
A paper by Marc Sapir prepared for the Stanford Community Conference on New Left Perspectives, hand dated 11/67.
December, 1967
This December 1967, 27-page magazine, was published by Peace and Liberation Commune in East Palo Alto. The Editors are Rodney Gage, Robert Stege, Dennis Sweeney, David Harris, Stuart McRae, Jeffrey Shurtleff, Bill Shurtleff, Kent Hudson, Blind Timmy, and Tramp.
SCL General Meeting Notice
Notice of a meeting to be held on a Monday in January in Tressider
Community of the Left
Defines the organization, steering committee, etc.
Community of the Left Bulletin
Unsigned, undated piece about the Community of the Left, a “campus-wide coordinating organization.”
Eleven Days in April
“National SDS has set aside the days April 20-30 for educational and action programs…”
Questions Concerning the Peace Corps
Undated, by Stanford SDS, raising questions about the Peace Corps.
January, 1968
The Stanford Complex
Essay by David Ransom in January, 1968 issue of Viet-Report on Stanford, SRI, etc.
January, 1968
Flier containing three announcements from the Community of the Left.
February 8, 1968
Mayor Cavanagh
Mayor Cavanagh of Detroit spoke at Stanford on February 8, 1968. This flyer, signed by "Supporters of People against Racism," takes Mayor Cavanagh to task for lack of effective action following the summer 1967 riots.
February 8, 1968
Victory at Ben Tre
Stanford Anti-Draft Union flier criticizing the American destruction of Ben Tre, Vietnam.
February 8, 1968
Cavanaugh’s Cure for the Summertime Blues
Flier calling for a protest of the Stanford visit of Detroit mayor Jerome Cavanaugh, criticizing his militaristic approach to policing his city’s black population.
c. April, 1968
Study Action Groups for the Spring Quarter
SDS and the community on the left sponsored ten days of educational programs. This document contains plans and suggestions.
Stanford Scientists for Peace
A statement prepared for publication in the Stanford Daily and other papers as finances permit. This document states their view and asks those who "substantially agree" to sign on.
April, 1968
Why is Imperialism a Dirty Word?
Prepared by Stanford Chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, April 1968. Four pages and a page of references argue that America is imperialistic and that is not a good thing.
April, 1968
Why Is *mp**l*sm a Dirty Word
SDS flier explaining the meaning of Imperialism and listing planned Spring events.
Fact Sheet on Dow and Napalm
Advocates a protest against Dow's presence on campus.
Proposal on Purchasing and Contracting
A proposal for Stanford business practices. It is neither signed nor dated.
Stanford Community of the Left
This document describes the campus-wide coordinating organization, its steering committee, and its executive committee.
The Agenda for an SCL Meeting
Includes organizational and substantive topics for discussion.
April 26, 1968
Essay on War Research at Stanford
A three-page essay on research at Stanford, arguing that war research should be stopped. This document has no title, no author, no date. It ends with a notice of a noon rally on Friday, April 26.
May 8, 1968
Los Angeles Times article
Article titled "Blaze Destroys Stanford's Naval ROTC Building: Officials Suspect Arson but See No Link to Sit-In by Rebellious Students." The disconnect between the first and second columns of the copy is not due to the scanning process.
National Service, solution… or servitude
Printed by the Midpeninsula Free University, this paper argues that universal national service is a bad idea. Contact names in the brochure are Lew Hailey of Midpeninsula Free University, Mary Hanson of S.C.O.R.E, and Beth Young of Concerned Citizens of Palo Alto.