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January 26, 1971
Repression Comes to Stanford
Article in The Arena, “Stanford’s only Libertarian Journal of Fact and Opinion.”
July 7, 1971
Stanford University PR Office Impresses Newsmen, Irks Radicals, Dismays Alumni
Article published in The Wall Street Journal.
c. September 21, 1971
Vietnamese Election Vigil
Vigil in Palo Alto on September 29, and in San Francisco on October 1 and 2, to protest “the mockery of an election” in South Vietnam, sponsored by Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Peace Union, Committee to Defend the Right to Live, People’s Coalition for Peace and Justice, and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
c. September 21, 1971
“Official Ballot”
To vote for President of South Vietnam
“You’ll Be Sorry, Charlie”
Anti-war guerilla theater skit. We are not sure if and when this was performed.
Help the Civil War Victims of Bangladesh
Plea for money for the Bangladesh Relief Fund.
c. September 27, 1971
Celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China
Flyer announcing rally, photo exhibition, and dance program on October 1 and 2 at the Veteran’s War Memorial in San Francisco.
c. October 1, 1971
Women’s Center
A listing of classes and activities being held at the Women’s Center.
October, 1971
From Our Past
“A brief documentary of selected movement activities at Stanford from 1966 to 1971,” published by the Pacific Studies Center
October, 1971
Association of Young Crows
Cover sheet which accompanied From Our Past, with description of the organization.
Rally to Enter Hoover
Undated flyer by the Stanford Rehabilitation Movement.
The Farm News
Undated flyer put out by Stanford Venceremos
c. October 11, 1971
S.F. Mime Troupe
Stanford Association of Young Crows flyer announcing a performance by the San Francisco Mime Troup in Dinkelspiel Auditorium on October 16, and a picnic on October 17 to form “a community of people concerned with Stanford Corporation’s land use priorities.”
December 9, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“The Angela Davis case should be transferred to San Francisco and she should be immediately released on bail spokesmen for the Stanford Students for the Defense of Angela Davis declared Thursday, Dec. 9.”
Go Red, Smash State
Stanford won the Rose Bowl and got written up in Esquire.
c. January 7, 1972
The Stanford Rehabilitation Movement
Description of the movement with a Calendar of Events for January, 1972.
c. February 16, 1972
Street Wall Journal
Volume III, Number 2, published by the Stanford Rehabilitation Movement.
c. February 22, 1972
Who Is David Packard?
Background information on Packard, announcement of demonstration in Palo Alto, and notice of Packard getting an award at Rickey’s Hyatt House on February 29, 1972.
March, 1972
Air War
Pacific Studies Center mini-pamphlet about the Air War in Indochina.
March 1, 1972
David Packard: Mad Bomber of the Year
Lenny Siegel’s report of Packard receiving two awards, the “Distinguished Citizen of the Year” and “Mad Bomber of the Year.”
March 13, 1972
Packard Honored While Protestors March
Article in the Peninsula Electronic News.
March 13, 1972
The Discontents of Stanford
Sherman Chickering writing in The Nation.
Suggestions for a Peaceful Demonstration from Palo Alto’s Super-Pig
Undated flyer which reproduces a statement by Jim Zurcher, Chief of Police.
c. April 1, 1972
Spiro T Agnew Coming to Palo Alto
Announcement by the Committee for Just Rewards that Spiro Agnew will be speaking in Palo Alto on April 8, and plans to give him the “Mouthpiece of the Empire Award.”
April 8, 1972
Beware of Greeks Dropping Gifts
Guerrilla theater script for Agnew protest in front of Cabana Hyatt House.
April, 1972
Support the Indochinese People: Retaliate Against Bombings
People’s Offensive flier announcing April 20, 1972 torchlight march from Lytton Plaza to Stanford’s electronics labs.
July, 1972
Correspondence between Leonard Siegel and the House Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee regarding the classification of the Technical Abstract Bulletin.
Rally and March
Flyer in opposition to the CJP decision to suspend Kwonping Ho, Alice Furumoto, and Don Lee for their participation in a disruption of Professor Shockley’s class.
The Collective for ASSU Council of Presidents
Campaign piece by The Collective: Rodney Palmer, Rosie Wolf, Kwonping Ho, and Peter Knutson.