In Remembrance.

In Remembrance

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In Remembrance
One of the saddest constants at reunions of people who knew each other and struggled together four or five decades ago is acknowledging the loss of comrades, friends, and family members.
On May 17, 2014, at the A3M-Plus Reunion, Jane Yett led a memorial session that included comments from Betsy Braunstein (remembering her late husband Yale), Lee Herzenberg (remembering her late husband, Len, as well as others), and from Jane on behalf of Charlie Drekmeier (remembering Charlie's wife, Margot).
Jane read the names of deceased comrades, as well as brief notes about a couple of them, then others in the room called out the names of others we have lost. Those notes and a combined list may be found below.
We are creating a memorial section on the A3MReunion web site, so we can add names and brief comments as we learn about others who have died. Please submit additional names, paragraphs, and/or spelling corrections to me.
Some of the people remembered at the reunion seemed to have a tangential relationship to the Stanford-area Movement. However, since their names were called out by members of our cohort, we're retaining them on the list.
Lenny Siegel
June 11, 2014