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1969: March 11

March 11, 1969

KPFA, a community supported radio station in Berkeley, broadcasted a discussion featuring Paul Rupert, Fred Cohen, Mary Hanson, and Margie Cohn; and played a tape of the March 11, 1969 Trustee forum. The forum, moderated by Doron Weinberg, featured trustee representatives Charles E. Ducommun, Mrs. Alan E. Charles, William Hewlett, W. Palmer Fuller III, and Benjamin C. Duniway; and student representatives Paul Rupert, David Pugh, Jeanne Friedman, Michael Weinstein, Bill Klingel, Mike Kuhl, and Pat Shea.
Alan Ramo converted a tape of the radio broadcast to an MPEG-4 audio file that will play in iTunes. The file is 131 MB, and the running time is 1:07:38.
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