Historical Archive

October 14, 1968
Up Against the Wall—Street Journal
Fictional one-page report beginning, “It was revealed in this paper today that [Stanford Research Institute] had tried to provide a major confrontation with S.D.S. on Monday—and had failed.…”
Early January, 1969
Startling Bay Area Coup
Fictional report beginning, “In a well-coordinated attack this morning Bay Area radicals seized the San Francisco Peninsula.…”
Once Around the Quad
Cartoon montage
April, 1969
Stanford Seized
Written by “Bobby Bias,” this fictional press release tells what happened when the April Third Movement “seized control of Stanford University.”
February 18, 1971?
Sky’s the Limit until Leonard is Set Free
Tongue-in-cheek flier inviting attendance at Stanford Judicial Council Hearing on Lenny Siegel’s activities
Date unknown
Fascist Liberation Party
Tongue-in-cheek flier calling for, among other things, the recruitment of Fascists-in-Exile from the U.S. and Argentina to serve of the Stanford and Hoover Institution faculties.
Date unknown
This five-song song sheet contains two original parodies, a Stanford-centric version of “It Isn’t Nice” and “Yankee Soldiers,” to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.”