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1972 & Beyond
1977–1978: Anti-Apartheid
1972 & Beyond
1977–1978: Anti-Apartheid
April 29, 1977
Protest Against Trustees Plan to Abstain
A packet of flyers which includes (1) “Stanford Protest Set, a press release by the Stanford Committee for Responsible Investment Policy announcing plans for a two day vigil, a political rally, and a hunger strike, May 2–4, to promote a “yes” vote by the Trustees on proxy resolutions concerning U.S. corporate investment in South Africa. (2) A flyer titled, “Abstention is Not Enough! Where do the Trustees Stand?” (3) A reprint of a two part article in The Stanford Daily, by Chris Gray and Mike Jennings, members of the Stanford Coalition for Responsible Investment Policy: “Investment aid apartheid,” on April 22; and “Support stock resolutions.” (4) A list of “organizations and groups supporting the call for affirmative votes on the various South African non-expansion and withdrawal and proxy resolutions…”
c. April, 1977
South Africa: Abstention is a Cop-Out
Flyer protesting the Trustees plan to abstain and calling for a vigil, rally, and hunger strike, May 2–4.
May, 1977
South Africa, Stanford, and the Trustees
By Alan Bernstein, Nina Byrne, Bob DeGrasse, and Lenny Siegel for the Pacific Studies Center and the Stanford Chapter of Campuses United Against Apartheid. Includes: “Accomplices in Apartheid,” “Apartheid Defined,” “Stanford’s South African Investments,” “Who Governs Stanford,” “Know Your Trustees,” “U.S. Companies in South Africa: A Progressive Force?” and “South African Blacks Demand Withdrawal.”
May 6, 1977
Speakers Talk About Investment
Two articles in The Stanford Daily report on the need to divest from investment in South Africa.
May 9, 1977
Trustee Group to Renew Portfolio…
Stanford Daily article reporting that the trustee’s Committee on Investment will discuss whether to ask the full board to reconsider its position on corporate investment in South Africa.
May 10, 1977
294 Arrested in Old Union Sit-in
Two articles in The Stanford Daily: “294 Arrested in Old Union sit-in” and “Student addresses trustee committee”
May 10, 1977
Stanford Press Release
“Singing and dancing to the end, 294 persons were arrested at Stanford Monday and Tuesday, May 9–10, during a 16 hour sit-in at the Old Union protesting U.S. investments in South Africa.”
May 11, 1977
294 Arrested at “Illegal” Occupation of Old Union
Two articles on the front page of The Stanford Daily: A Night in Milpitas” and “Protesters choose not to face arrest.”
May 12, 1977
Stanford Press Release
“Of the 294 persons arrested Monday and Tuesday, May 9–10, 270 have now been identified as students, President Richard w. Lyman reported to the Faculty Senate Thursday, May 12.”
June 1, 1977
Seniors Asked to Withhold Gifts
The Stanford Daily article reporting that graduating seniors are being asked to not contribute to the Stanford endowment funds until the University divests itself of all South Africa investments.
June 2, 1977
From Stanford to South Africa
by William Stroud in The Real News, June 2, 1977
June 6, 1977
Campus Protests: Rites of Spring or Rebirth of Student Movement?
Pacific News Service report by Bill Sievert.
June, 1977
Students Organize Against Stanford’s Investment Policy
By Bob D., Grapevine. Reformatted contemporary report by a participant in the May 9, 1977 sit-in at Stanford’s Old Union building.
November 28, 1977
Stanford Press Release
The Stanford Committee for a Responsible Investment Policy (SCRIP), a predominantly student group opposed to apartheid, Thursday, Nov. 28, demanded that the University Board of Trustees divest holdings in nine U.S. corporations operating in South Africa by Feb. 14.”
April 4, 1978
Stanford Press Release
Lengthy report on telephone interviews with students arrested in the anti-apartheid demonstrations.
April 26, 1978
Stanford Press Release
About 50 supporters of divestment sat-in at the President’s office from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Wednesday, April 26.
April 26, 1978
50 Stanford Students Stage Sit-in in President’s Office
Palo Alto Times article about students protesting trustee proxy votes against U.S. corporate withdrawal from South Africa.
c. May 1, 1978
Call to Action: Mass Rally Noon Monday May 8
Flyer by the Stanford Committee for a Responsible Investment Policy (SCRIP).
May 7, 1978
Stanford Press Release
“Two black students from South Africa were among more than 20 people calling for Stanford to divest its stock in U.S. corporations operating there at a campus hearing Monday, March 6.”
May 7, 1978
Nonviolence and Direct Action
Tactics, guidelines, and philosophy, compiled by a collective group from SWOPSI 108.
February 3, 1998
A Powerful and Inspiring Campaign: A Short History of SCRIP’s Efforts to End Stanford University’s Support of South African Apartheid in 1977
By Randy Schutt. Retrospective on the campaign mounted by the Stanford Committee for a Responsible Investment Policy, commenting on its national implications.
October, 2019
Stanford Apartheid Divestment Campaign 1977
By Seth Foldy. Retrospective on the 1977 campaign.