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1969–1970: Off ROTC April 23–24

April 24, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“Moving with great speed, 50 Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies cleared the Old Student Union building at Stanford at 1 a.m. Friday (April 24), arresting 13 men and women on charges of criminal trespassing.”
April 24, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“Extensive window breaking following 23 campus arrests resulted in $30,000 to $40,000 damages at Stanford early Friday (April 24)…”
c. April 24, 1970
ASSU Council of Presidents
Flyer from the ASSU Council of Presidents who state, “Thursday night’s violence was unnecessary and deplorable, ” and announce a meeting Sunday night “to discuss means of achieving these goals and to organize effective student i
nfluence …”
April 24, 1970
To The Stanford Community from Pitzer
“Because of the rumor and misunderstanding of certain aspects of the Old Union sit-in which exist on the campus, the following chronology of procedures has been prepared by my office.”