In Remembrance.

In Remembrance

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Nan Goldie

Barbara Ann (Nan) Goldie and Kristin (Kristi) Dana Hind were friends at Stanford and beyond. They were activists during their Stanford days. Nan Goldie was the daughter of Edward and Barbara M. Goldie and was an intermittent student between 1965 and 1969. She appears to have been briefly married to a Robert Zwick.
Kristi Hind, who attended Stanford on and off from 1966 until 1969, was the daughter of former Stanford administrator Robert R. Hind and Phyllis V. Hind.
While at Stanford, they met Stanford Medical Center biophysicist Earl Edwin Jacobs. His wife, Lila Patty Jacobs, overdosed on sleeping pills and died July 25, 1971. Jacobs reportedly then married Kristi, and the two of them, along with Nan, joined a commune in British Columbia. While there, Jacobs and Goldie had an affair.
In November, 1971, Nan, Kristi, Earl, and two other commune members—one from Edmonton, Alberta, and the other from Madison, Wisconsin–were en route to the Bay Area but never made it. They checked into a motel in Spokane, Washington. On November 3. Nan and Kristi disappeared after spending that night in the motel; and Earl was found dead in the motel from an overdose of sleeping pills (reminiscent of his wife’s death from sleeping pills earlier that year). The other two travelers also had left the scene and were being sought for questioning.
Almost two years later, in 1973, scattered human bones were found in a remote area in Little Twin Lakes, Washington, about 95 miles northeast of Spokane. Eight months later, in 1974, using dental records, the bones were identified as Goldie’s. Information the authorities obtained from interviews led them to consider Nan’s death as a possible suicide, although the information was not conclusive. Details regarding information obtained from interviews apparently was not made public.
The Goldie family established the Nan Goldie Scholarship Fund at Santa Catalina School in Monterey in memory of Nan.
Kristin has not been seen since the November 3, 1971 incident, but reportedly called a relative in New York on November 4, 1972. She has not been heard from since. lists her death as the year 1972; however, no supporting evidence is available.
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