In Remembrance.

In Remembrance

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by Ted Smith
I'd like to add my brother Rick Smith to the memorial list. He died in 2012 from cancer—he was 64. I remember well April 17, 1969, when I came to Palo Alto to be with him for his birthday. When I couldn't find him at his home, I heard he was at the sit in at AEL. I found him there that afternoon and that was my introduction to the Stanford movement. He was deeply affected by all that he learned there and it informed the rest of his life. He became a National Park Ranger at the Lowell Historical park (after history grad school at UC Santa Cruz and later a law degree from Berkeley). He was proudest of the curriculum he developed there called Workers on the line where HS students would get the experience of being a mill worker, be subjected to a speed-up, and then observed to see if they would organize a work action. If they called for a strike, they were rewarded with a hat that said, "Teen age workers of the world."