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Open Meeting Sponsored by the FPAG
Flyer announcing a February 18 meeting, chaired by Professor Charles Drekmeier, inviting faculty, concerned students, staff and others in the University community to participate in discussions initiated by Professors Halsted Holman and Raymond Giraud.
February, 1971
Proposed Program for Stanford Faculty
Prepared by the Faculty Political Action Group (FPAG), this eight page document states general principles followed by proposals on curriculum, admission, University governance, and research policy.
February 18, 1971
Stanford Press Release
News release about the Proposed Program for Stanford Faculty, put forth by the Faculty Political Action Group (FPAG).
February 19, 1971
Stanford Press Release
News report on the FPAG open meeting where a faculty member charged that, “emphasis by the Stanford administration on discipline rather than providing moral leadership was at least partly responsible for provoking militancy on campus …”
Resolution Presented to the Academic Council
Resolution put forth by the Faculty Political Action Group (FPAG) but not adopted (according to the handwritten note at the top).
Responsibilities Under the Nuremberg Principles
An unsigned, undated document about the Nuremberg principles.
March 1, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Fifty five members of the Stanford faculty went to court Monday in a move to block an injunction which Stanford is seeking to make permanent.”