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Packard Protest
March 20, 1971
Packard to Tell Defense Posture
Announcement of Packard’s April 8 talk, published in the Business-Finance section of the San Jose Mercury.
April 2, 1971
Anti-War Protesters to Arrest Packard
News release from People’s Peace Treaty Office.
Who is David Packard?
Undated flyer by The Inquisition describing David Packard and announcing a speech by Packard at Rickey’s Hyatt House on April 8. Second page is a wanted poster flyer, “Wanted: David Packard—War Crimes.”
Statement of the Stanford Committee To Defend the Right to Live
Undated statement by the Inquisition (formerly the Stanford War Crimes Commission) which begins, “Each day U.S. troops and planes remain in Southeast Asia constitutes a crime against humanity.” Plans to demonstrate at Packard’s talk will be announced.
c. April 8, 1971
Welcome War Criminal Packard to Palo Alto –
Flyer from Venceremos announcing a demonstration “to welcome Packard at Rickey’s Hyatt House.”
c. April 8, 1971
Who is the Real War Criminal?
Mt. View Venceremos flyer about Packard coming to Rickey’s Hyatt House.
April 8, 1971
Packard Before Calley
Unsigned flyer saying that William Calley should not be scapegoated, that government policy makers must also bear responsibility for U.S. war crimes, and announcing that Packard’s talk has been moved from Rickey’s to the San Francisco Hilton.
April 8, 1971
Warrant for the Arrest of David Packard
Warrant accusing David Packard of crimes specified in the Army Field Manual of the Law of Land Warriors, and possible crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg precedents and the Geneva Accords.
April 8, 1971
Guerrila Theater Skit
"This guerrilla theater skit was prepared for the April 8, 1971 David Packard Protest, originally scheduled for Palo Alto but moved to San Francisco. It is not clear when and where it was performed."
April 9, 1971
Packard: Don’t Give In To Radicals
Palo Alto Times front page featuring several articles: (1) Packard: Don’t give in to radicals, (2) Opposing Packard: Five antiwar pickets arrested, (3) Berkeley draft protest: Stanford men arrested, and (4) Stanford Hospital director talking with sit-in protesters.
April 9, 1971
Packard Flees Arrest
Press Release issued by Lenny Siegel which begins, “A scheduled address last night, Thursday, April 8, by Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard was moved from Palo Alto to San Francisco at the last moment after anti-war demonstrators announced plans to arrest Packard for war crimes.”
c. April 9, 1971
Packard: Antiwar Movement leaders are “Deadly Enemeies”
San Francisco Chronicle April 9 article, which begins, “Deputy Defense Secretary David Packard called leaders of the anti-war movement ‘deadly enemies’ last night as police routed a crowd of young pickets from the Hilton Hotel here,” pasted onto a poster that states, “Wanted: David Packard–War Crimes.”
c. February 22, 1972
Who Is David Packard?
Undated, flyer announcing that Packard will be receiving the “Distinguished Citizen” award of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce on February 29, and inviting people to join the “people’s continuing offensive against U.S. imperialism” on February 29 when the Committee for Just Rewards will present Packard with the “Mad Bomber of the Year Award.”