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Hospital Issues
Demands by United Stanford Employees
Demands supported by membership in the Medical School and Hospital, which “has been working to improve conditions at Stanford for the past year and a half,” and are “fully in support of the efforts put forth by the Black caucus …”
The Facts About the Case of Sam Bridges
Unsigned; judging from the text, it is from the Black Advisory Committee.
April 8, 1971
Stanford Press Release
Dr. Jose Aguilar said that he has nothing at stake in tenure at the Medical School. He is a neurosurgeon and the only chicano on the Medical School faculty.
April 13, 1971
Reply to Acting Dean John Wilson
The Stanford Medical Center Employee coalition replies to numerous inaccuracies in the statement by John L. Wilson, M.D., Acting Dean of the School of Medicine.
April 14, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) Provost Miller “received a list of 11 demands from a newly formed Stanford Employees Coalition calling for reinstatement of Sam Bridges …” (2) Report of attacks on at least three members of the conservative Free Campus Movement (FCM) at Tressider Union.
c. April 14, 1971
Demands of the Stanford Employee Coalition
Presented by Cheatham of the Black Advisory Committee to Provost Miller regarding those involved in the Medical Center demonstration.
April 14, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Hospital officials have again affirmed, in writing, their willingness to assure prompt grievance procedures, on request, for Sam Bridges.”
April 14, 1971
Stanford Press Release
The Faculty Senate of the Medical School pledged their support to “constructive efforts to resolve our present difficulties.”
The Real Issue is Self-Determination
Unfortunately the document is barely readable in either the original or scanned version. Signed “All power to the people!”