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Laos Invasion
February 8, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“More than 200 persons protesting the invasion of Laos broke windows in at least half a dozen buildings at Stanford Sunday night, Feb. 7.”
February 8, 1971
Stanford Press Release
Report on about 100 antiwar demonstrators gaining access to the Faculty Club, followed by a statement from President Richard W. Lyman concerning “campus vandalism.”
February 10, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Protesting the Laotian invasion about 550 persons, mainly students, voted Tuesday night, Feb 9, to start a ‘mobile strike’ at Stanford …”
February 11, 1971
People's War Critique
Lenny Siegel’s reaction to February 10, 1971 violence on the Stanford campus. Written February 11, 1971.
March 5, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) “Citing the ‘profoundly damaging effects’ which the Laotian invasion is having ‘on the life and work of this university’ the faculty Senate at Stanford …” urged Nixon and Congress to end the war. (2) President Lyman granted Associate Prof. H. Bruce Franklin’s request for a delay in deciding whether to seek an Advisory Board hearing on the charges against him.
February 13, 1971
Guardian, Dispatch, and LNS
Report by Lenny Siegel covering Stanford student reaction to the latest escalation of the Indochina War and other events at Stanford during the past week.
c. February 3, 1971
It’s Official: Laos has been Invaded!!!
Rally at noon on Monday, February 8, announced by the Coalition Against the War in Indochina.
c. February 9, 1971
Laos: Up the Down Escalator
Undated flyer introducing the Coalition Against the War in Indochina (CAWI) and announcing a CAWI rally on Wednesday and a CAWI organizational meeting on Friday.
c. February, 1971
Operation Total Victory: February, 1971
Published by the Pacific Studies Center, this document includes “Operation Total Victory: February, 1971; Third Edition,” by Banning Garrett; and “Southeast Asian Oil,” by Adam Bennion.
April 29, 1971
The Axon
Published by the Medical School people, this issue declares a quarantine of the Oakland Induction Center “because of the high morbidity rate resulting from induction.”