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July 24, 1970
Accelerated Program
An accelerated program will allow 30 entering freshmen to get into a Navy ROTC program at Stanford. . Stanford University News Service.
October 2, 1970
Freshmen Non-Credit
“A few freshmen will take Army ROTC on a noncredit basis this year …” Stanford University News Service.
October 15, 1970
Freshmen to Complete
“All of the 25 freshmen enrolled in military and naval science at Stanford will complete their studies in this field by June 1973 …” Stanford University News Service.
November, 1970
KCBS Reply
By Lenny Siegel.
February 2, 1971
“Two-Year ROTC Program
Sample letter with cover memo from Colonel Ramey, Professor of Military Science to Associate Provost Robert Rosenzweig.
February 5, 1971
Ramey Letter
Letter from Colonel Ramey, Professor of Military Science to Dean Coladarci, School of Education, telling of final chance to enroll in ROTC.
May 3, 1971
Rosenzweig Letter
Letter from Associate Provost Robert Rosenzweig to Yale Braunstein answering a set of questions that Braunstein had posed to Dick Lyman.
May 14, 1971
“More Students to Join Two-Year ROTC Program”
The Stanford Daily.