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September 28–October 4, 1970
Palo Alto Tenant’s Union Tent City at Stanford
Schedule of events, September 28 through October 4.
Why Are We Here?
Palo Alto Tenants’ Union reasons for bringing their cause to the University.
Masters of War
New Left Project flyer listing eight companies located in the Stanford Industrial Park and their 1970 defense contract totals.
September 29, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“Members of the Palo Alto Tenants Union (PATU), which includes both students and townspeople, have erected a small ‘tent city’ next to Memorial Hall at Stanford to dramatize the need for more housing for low and moderate income families in the Mid-Peninsula.”
Citizens Against the Willow Expressway
A statement of opposition to the proposed Willow Expressway.
This undated, eight page document from Project Dig In argues for additional low cost housing to be built by Stanford.
This undated, sixteen page document, published by the Call for a Stanford Town Congress and Project Dig In, calls for “a Town Congress of staff, administration, students, and faculty who make up this Stanford Town to assume legitimate power over our own lives and that of our town, and “to move from our state of disenfranchisement to a full democratic government here in Stanford Town.”
February 20, 1971
Stanford Industrial Park
A map of the Industrial Park along with a list of companies and indication of DoD contracts for those in that business; data from fiscal 1970; printed by the Call for the First Stanford Town Congress and Project Dig.