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Some Questions Concerning the Peace Corps
Undated Stanford SDS flyer posing questions about the Peace Corps.
October 29, 1970
Stanford Press Release
Report on peaceful picketing against Lockheed, outside the Stanford Placement Office, by students and former Lockheed employees.
To the Stanford Engineering Student
“Lockheed is here today to recruit new engineers–regardless of its intention to lay off between 1000 and 2000 experienced engineers before the end of the year.”
Unsigned, undated flyer with brief statements about what Lockheed is and what Lockheed does, along with a demand for the end of Lockheed’s presence on campus.
FMC Corporation and the War
Unsigned, undated, two page flyer on FMC activities relevant to the Vietnam War.
February 26, 1971
Stanford Press Release
(1) Protest against FMC at Stanford’s Career Planning Center by a group of Stanford faculty wives who belong to the newly formed Stanford Women for Peace. (2) A series of telephoned threats by a caller who demanded the reinstatement of John Keilch resulted in campus firemen making several trips to the Main Library.
April 6, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Two dozen women, mainly faculty wives, plan a silent vigil outside the Career Planning and Placement Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, April 7–8, protesting the presence of an Army recruited there.”
April, 1971
An eight page document on FMC published by the Pacific Studies Center.
Wanted: FMC Crimes Against Humanity
Unsigned, undated flyer accusing FMC of manufacturing armed personnel carriers, highly poisonous pesticides, and phosphate soap products; followed by demands to be presented at FMC’s annual Stockholders Meeting on April 30, and a blank petition to gather signatures to ban FMC from Stanford.